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Pleading The Blood; Set Me Free! by Elaine Davenport (Tuesday, January 15, 2008)



I believe in the power of the Blood of Jesus. I plead the Blood over everyone and everything in my life. Listen to this:

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10: 10

I wanted to give you a clear picture of the word: thief; so let’s look at Webster’s 1828 Dictionary:

THIEF, n. plu. thieves.

1. One who secretly, unlawfully and feloniously takes the goods or personal property of another. The thief takes the property of another privately; the robber by open force.

2. One who takes the property of another wrongfully, either secretly or by violence. Job.30.

3. One who seduces by false doctrine. John 10.

4. One who makes it his business to cheat and defraud; as a den of thieves. Matt. 21.

I want to make it clear for you. Keep that thief in mind up there. Let’s talk about faith. Do you see those mummies at the top of the page? It doesn’t matter what race, color, family size, job , education or country they are from; they are bound.

I’m writing because people are bound even though Jesus already set them free! The thief that I referred to above is Satan and “he” prefers that we remain bound! He will keep you bound through various means but the bottom line is he wants you bound.

(Sometimes, I read where faith writers are divided about their thoughts; not clearly convinced that God’s Word is completely true and I quietly say to myself with a nod: “the thief.” )

I’ve been bound a few times, but one time in particular I remember being bound up in my faith.


I wanted to go on a trip with a group of friends. Fact is, I couldn’t afford to go. It was a Faith Workshop that was to last an entire week. I began to believe God for the monies to go on the trip early on in the year. The Lord ordered my steps through the whole process but it kept coming up in my thoughts that I might not go. I just kept on believing God. Right around the time when I had all of the monies that I needed to go; God spoke to me very clearly and told me to send more than half of my savings to a Ministry affiliated with my church that was in dire straights. No problem, I did it. I didn’t hesitate. I didn’t whine or moan. The money was sent, the seed was sown. It was less than two months before it was time to leave and it was going to take a miracle for me to get that back and the remainder. Thus entered the thief. He bombarded me and tormented me. In the midst of it all, another expense came up, a debt that was owed wasn’t paid and I could go on and on. I stayed in faith but if there are levels and there are: mine was low. I began to plead the Blood of Jesus over my finances. I plead the Blood over everything; why not my finances?

Right when it was time to go; God supernaturally sent all of the monies by various means. Very few people will admit to having anxiety over how God’s going to do it, or when He’s going to do it or even if He’s going to do it. I have to tell you: He’s always come through for me and there is no reason to be bound…we just have to remember this because Satan aka the thief won’t stop trying just because we say we know.

I was led to read Mark 5. In Mark 5; Jesus not only performed three miracles; but he also set free three people that were bound:


Jesus set free:

1. The man roaming in the caves with the demons called Legion in him that had made him crazy, suicidal and out of control
2. The Woman with the Issue of Blood.
3. Jairus’s daughter; who had died by the time that they got there.

* Also, he’s not in Mark 5, but please remember Lazurus.

Now if you are bound by anything read Mark 5 and get in your Bible and rehearse the promises of God.

2 Pet 1:4 – He has given us His very great and precious promises, so that by these you might be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. 2 Peter 1: 4

Promises of Victory: Exodus 34: 24a, Deuteronomy 28: 1-13, Psalm 138: 7

Power In The Blood: Romans 5: 9, Colossians 1: 13, 14, 20

Defeat The Devil: Ephesians 6: 10-18

Jesus Is Lord: Ephesians 1: 18-23

Power & Miracles: Joshua 3: 5

Security, Safety, Salvation: Psalm 138: 7

The Lord Will Hear My Cry: Psalm 34: 4, 5, 15, 17

Every Fear Cast Out: Genesis 15: 1, Isaiah 44: 8, Hag 2: 5

and there are many more promises which include: The benefits of righteousness, healing, salvation, provision, increase in God, hope, faith, peace, wisdom, favor…the list goes on and on. You have a training manual called the bible. If your car is acting up….get out the owner’s manual and call the dealer!

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