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I was in Bondage! by Elaine Davenport (Sunday, March 9, 2008)





Exodus 12:13, And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt.

When I had reached a peak in my walk with God…the devil did something very dangerous! He tried to steal my faith by stealing my eyesight; he had been working on it for many years, but this time truth be told he was making a great run at me.

I had never really read with any glasses, but as I began to delve into faith related books; I noted a horrible change in my vision…it was physical…it was also psychological. I began to buy reading glasses from the Dollar Stores. It wasn’t long before I accumulated eight pairs of glasses. Every time I went to get a pair of glasses I needed a stronger pair. It started off at 1.25 and ended up with 3.75. It had the strength of a magnifying glass. Worse, than that it was a short period of time. Even worse than that I became so totally dependent on them that I could do nothing without these glasses. I needed to reverse this so in my primitive thinking I went to the eye doctor (instead of the Great Physician.) The optometrist explained to me that the cheap reading glasses had literally ruined my eyes and prescribed some more glasses (two pair). All of a sudden I was in bondage to eyeglasses. I was praying, pleading the Blood of Jesus and getting answers to my prayer and was in bondage. My biggest problem was I didn’t know I was in bondage.


I was in church and heard a very powerful message. The message was that with Divine Healing everything is healed; not just the stuff that hurts. Now there’s a revelation that the average believer may deny or not accept.

The following Sunday; I arrived at church early just so I could get a good seat and I got it too. The service started and I reached for a pair of my glasses, any pair and sure enough I didn’t have one pair on me. I panicked and that’s not faith but I did. I just squinted through the service. I thought about my glasses and the seed was planted, I needed to believe God for my eyes to be healed! I didn’t know where to start.

The next morning at Prayer I ran into my friend; a long time prayer warrior. She looked ten years younger and I asked her where her glasses were and she told me that God had spoke to her one day at prayer and told her to go and get another of the prayer warriors to lay hands on her eyes. My friends eyes were healed! I was so happy.

No, you’re probably thinking that I asked who the lady was who laid her hands and with the power of God healed her eyes; right? No, I didn’t…I wasn’t led to do that.

So I began my journey of faith pleading the Blood day in and day out. My eyes were healed immediately; but I didn’t know it. I threw away all of the glasses and then I took one step back for a year and a half. I told all of my friends that my eyes were healed and I began to excessively squint and strain to read without glasses.

The devil sent thoughts like these:

“You can wear glasses when no one’s around.”

” Buy a magnifying glass and keep it in your room.”

“Get yourself some reading glasses.”

I refused.

Finally, finally, one day I decided to stop squinting; the letters did a powerful thing that day…they got huge. They became big enough for me to see! Almost two years from when I had declared my eyes were healed! See the beauty of it all is that the Blood of Jesus healed my eyes and I just had to receive it by faith. I wasted a lot of time…don’t you.