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Satan is real by Elaine Davenport


I went to speak for a Christian affair and they were simulating people in the Bible. I’m not making this up, but a man showed up wearing a Red jumpsuit with a long red tail. He had blood running in and out of his face with little tubes and he had the nerve to be going around scaring people. I know he was just a man in a costume, but I got mad at him for coming as Satan because I dislike Satan so much. I shouldn’t have, but I’m human. I never claimed to be perfect.

My children are young adults and neither of them wanted to believe that Satan is real just like many people coming to this sight.

My great challenge is to explain it to you in a way that you can accept. I don’t believe anything from anyone unless they can show it to me in the Word of God. I hold myself to those same expectations, so I’ll show you.