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Covered by the Blood? by Elaine Davenport (Tuesday, March 11, 2008)




I promise to keep this short!

If you’re covered by the Blood of Jesus you need to say so! Don’t hesitate. When people have a prayer crisis; I sometimes want to ask them: “Who are you?” You see whatever the answer is…will tell me why they are in that situation. Even the people of God. Many have lots of scriptural equipment and weapons; but they only want to pull them out at church.

Not knowing who you are or doing what you’re supposed to do; being watchful, praying without ceasing, drawing nigh unto God, tithing and giving offerings unto God. Many people want to skip the last two and just run the risk of asking for an override when a crisis occurs.


If someone were to ask me who I am; I’d say:

I’m God’s child and He comes first. I’m Blessed. I’m redeemed of poverty, sickness and spiritual death. I’m in right standing with God. God orders my steps. He is Alpha and Omega! The Spirit if God lives inside of me! I’m surrounded by God’s favor like a shield. I wear a faith shield and it can quench every fiery dart of the wicked one. Whatsoever I bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatsoever I loose on earth is loosed in heaven. It doesn’t matter which way my enemy comes at me because they will flee seven ways. I can do all things through Christ the Anointed One. I’m thankful for His mercy and unmerited favor. I love God with all my heart, all my mind and strength. I’m in Covenant with the true and Living God. I’m an overcomer. I’m the redeemed. I have victory over the devil who by the way is under my feet. I have the power to tread on serpents and scorpions. I’m a believer; I lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. My job is to spread the Good News of the gospel and I do that with joy. I have great peace because I know that God wants His best for me. I hear God and a strangers voice, I won’t follow. I know God’s promises and they are yes and amen. I’m heavenly bound. I’m protected, loved and walking worthily of my vocation. I’m deserving of God’s reward! I’ve earned the right to eat the good of the land. I can go on and on. Think about who you are and start writing it down and saying it!