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Your Family’s Salvation by Elaine Davenport (Thursday, April 3, 2008)



Before you read this; please read this article entitled; Understand The Blood Here

When you plead the Blood of Jesus; you’re not just speaking magic words. You are making a demand on your Blood Covenant with God. You received this covenant when you made your salvation covenant. (God is a God of Mercy and Grace so that is how I would explain the Blood covering someone not in covenant. )

Because I am in covenant; I have complete confidence in God’s protection, answers and manifestation in my life.

Many of us have put a lot of Prayer clock time (Though I don’t consider it as work) regarding our family’s salvation. I just want to tell you to start today to speak life to their salvation.

Everyday: plead the Blood of Jesus over each of them. Get some salvation scriptures and pray them everyday inserting your family members names.

You are the righteous. Noah was a man who obeyed and loved God and in the Book of Hebrews God said that because of this He was a minister of Righteousness. He delivered his entire family…didn’t he.


Well, you can do the same. I got this information out of powerful book that many consider to be a Classic in this area. That is:


THE BLOOD by Benny Hinn

The Blood has power and the enemy is defeated because of it! The work of the cross is the source of all of that power and don’t you forget it!