For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.” ~Romans 15:4


*** We’re so glad you’re here! Where’s your coffee? Juice? Water? Breakfast? Get comfortable and join us here. We’re looking forwarding to some exciting new changes here so hang in there with us. WE ARE OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY…7 DAYS A WEEK…ESPECIALLY ON SUNDAYS! Motel Eight became famous for saying: “we’ll leave the light on for you!” Well GOD IS LIGHT…HE IS THE SOURCE! HE WILL NOT ONLY LEAVE THE LIGHT ON FOR YOU, YOU CAN GET THAT LIGHT. STAY CLOSE…STAY CONNECTED! BE ENCOURAGED!


We put these sights here hoping that you’ll set aside a small part of your day, getting closer to God and getting a better understanding of His will for your life. Yes you. Yes, God has had a plan for your life since before you were even born. Our prayer is that it will be revealed to you and that when you find out; you’ll get out there and put it all together with heavenly backing. We’re confident that you will! God Love you. Just remember that.

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Or…Good Afternoon or Evening! Don’t leave…please stay. God has a Word for you. We encourage you to grab a cup of coffee, tea, green tea, juice or water and join us. Please don’t keep it too close to your computer.

We are an Online Christian Coffeehouse. We welcome all people. We don’t use bad words or insult one another and we don’t debate. Even when we get a way out note, we being fervent prayer for the person because prayer changes things! That’s a fact. We’re here to encourage you! God loves you and we do too. This is the result of three years of hard and fun work.

Sozo is Greek for Saved. Sozo means pulled from harms way or danger, rescued, salvation and lifted above trouble. I heard a minister say it means nothing missing, nothing broken.

Almost daily in our walk of faith we face challenges or know someone who does. We want to remember that the Word of God is alive and is capable of rescuing us, keeping us out of danger and lifted above trouble…but we must be built up.

There are five parts of Cafe Sozo: Building Faith (here), Healmenow,Godly Wisdom,Pray Pray Pray and Prayer Forces. (GO TO BLOGROLL AND LOOK FOR OUR SITES)

(Please look on the side column of the page for these other sections. Thank you.)

We offer music, Videos, Encouragement, Prayer and support. You have found a family. Every concern is taken to a team of Prayer Warriors. Prayer requests are always welcome. We look forward to hearing from you and adding things like Book Reviews!

If you can think of anything that we can add to make you feel at home; just let us know!




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  1. Perhaps the most basic statement I should make is a definition. Religion is the study of spiritual things. I used to think religion and philosophy were closely related. Philosophy is mere intellectual study. Religion, however, is not necessarily intellectual study but a certain bondage.

    In some religions people;have gone to great extent in study. Paul referred to the study as, “letters,” i.e.: the letter of the Law. The Law being the Ten Commandments and 650 or so additional requirements. The Law is our school master. That is, the Law shows us what God’s standard is. He requires us to be 100% perfect. The fact is, we can’t be. If we fail in one part, we fail in all. As it is written, there is none righteous, no, not one. By the works of the Law shall no man be justified. Keeping the Law, then, is useless. Life becomes absurd for we are all destined for judgement. Paul, in his second epistle to the Corinthians wrote, “the letter killeth but the Spirit giveth life.”

    Religion is what John Bunyan referred to in Pilgrim’s Progress as the Slough of Despond. Religion is meaningless, providing no hope but a carrot on a stick for eternal life. Religion is summed up in Jim Morrison’s complaint, “You cannot petition the Lord in prayer.”

    How many have allowed that lie to be their meditation? You most certainly can petition the Lord in prayer. You must be made perfect, however. That perfection is obtained only through Jesus. Jesus preached, “Repent and believe the Gospel.” Paul summed up the Gospel as, “Christ died for sinners.” The blood Jesus shed on the cross cleanses us from all our sin.

    Through repentance and belief in Jesus as Lord and Savior, we have a relationship with Him. Relationship is quite different from the intellect of philosophy or the bondage of religion. Our relation is love, and that with the Heavenly Father. We may then come to Him in boldness and refer to Him as our daddy who is pleased to cleanse us from all sin, give us eternal life and be to us the Giver of all good gifts.

    Now concerning the scripture, the Father gives us understanding. We cannot understand scripture until He opens it for us. We do well to ask Him to open His Word for us and reveal His truth every time we read. I’d suggest the Gospel according to John, as a good starting point.

    I hope what I have written will prove useful to you.



  2. I have a prayer request I wish for you to attend to. In view of my own humanness and that of the other wonderful saints in the church I request we pray one for another. My request is not just to pray for our infirm relatives to be healed but to pray for our Church to be victorious.

    In our seeking God for victory, I ask that you also pray for me to be victorious. I must be victorious as I pray for you to be victorious. Satan will throw everything at us to cause us to stumble.

    It has come in startling clarity the victory our small flocks will have with simple consecration to Christ along with an abiding, loving relationship in prayer and communion. We pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as in heaven.”

    We can expect no less than revival, which involves joy and maturity in believers and the salvation of unbelievers. We can expect men being drawn to our fellowships as to a fire. Certainly, nothing less can happen when we all become consecrated, walking in the Spirit, having the mind of Christ, realizing each other as the temple of the Holy Ghost.

    Along with our vibrant life in Christ, we can expect the onslaught of the enemy for he wants nothing less than to destroy our testimony. It is true, he has helped many ministries appear hypocritical and irrelevant with no valid testimony. It is our testimony that destroys the works of the devil. Yes, the blood of the Lamb destroys the works of the devil. The blood of the Lamb enables our testimony. The devil will stop at nothing to destroy our testimony.

    We need to pray, individually, in secret to be consecrated; for the will of God to be done in us, individually; for the kingdom of God to come in us, individually.

    Here’s my main pitch: May we please pray, corporately, to uphold one another to be consecrated, prayerful, loving of our Lord and doing what He says? May we pray in such a way that our goal must be our transfiguration from glory to glory by the Holy Ghost as we behold the glory of the Lord in prayer. May we please pray that we make our love relationship with Jesus primary?

    It should be no secret that Satan wants us to do many things apart from loving Jesus as we behold His glory. The more we behold His glory, the more we will become like Him. The result will be the most dynamic display of truth in our very lives.

    Please make the above prayer request no secret but manifest in all of our fellowships so that we may exhort one another and of others save with fear, pulling [them] out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

    Thank you,


  3. Bless God! Brother Christopher, that is a beautiful prayer request. We agree with you in prayer and ask every person that the Lord sends to this site to consider as led by the Spirit of the living God to do the same. We will take it to our prayer circle meeting tomorrow and Saturday as well as to corporate prayer. All the best. E

  4. The Blood of Jesus is definitely powerful – in fact it is the only things that saved us from
    destruction. God send his son to die and shed his blood on the cross. And when blood was shed life was exchange. A covenant is being made there is an exchange – Jesus took our sin and we take His Righteousness. He took our poverty and we take his riches and blessings.

  5. The Blood of Jesus is definitely powerful – in fact it is the only thing that saved us from
    destruction. God send his son to die and shed his blood on the cross. And when blood was shed, life was exchange. A covenant was being made there was an exchange – Jesus took our sin and we take His Righteousness. He took our poverty and we take his riches and blessings.

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