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The Blood Of Jesus Separates Us From Other Faiths July 31, 2011


Editor’s Note:  This article is not being written for diplomacy sake; but it is inspired by conversations this radical Christian has had with Muslims about their faith.  I’m not seeking common ground…I do not hate…but unlike many other Christians who often for popularity sake will compromise their faith…I will not! 

Let’s be clear that I firmly believe in the preservation of the Jewish state.  I believe the bible.

It always bothered me…”the very idea” that Allah and Jehovah could be the same.  I wondered why if Jehovah  God sent Jesus…why several hundred years later He(JEHOVAH GOD)  would have to send Mohammed?   Now, if the work at the cross WAS ENOUGH (and it was) …why would my God send someone else?    For what purpose?    THAT WOULD NOT MAKE SENSE!  


Now, all of a sudden the Muslims believe in Jesus…*that’s a recruiting tool)  ; most are slow to say  :  “we believe he’s a prophet.”  (as if that is acceptable…IT IS AN AFFRONT!


Many of my Christian friends objected to my attending a large Muslim rally.  They I think were afraid that I might be recruited; but Jehovah God had a different plan!

It ignited a fire in me!  I saw how real the problem was; how deep the deception ran!  My closest family member became a born again Christian in that very meeting  (the Muslims didn’t know it.)  A radical more dangerous than the one who walked in…departed that meeting….me!

As the speaker blasted out mistruths and  misrepresentations from the bible:  I shouted:  “That’s not true!   That’s not what it says…my family was surprised they didn’t throw me out. 

Nobody cared.

Next time…I promise a PICKET LINE!!!!

I often wonder how anyone can say:  “We all believe in the same God.”   If Allah and Jehovah were the same God; He would have a split personality.  Do you actually think One God would trick two different groups  of believers into disliking each other?   For example, why would the God of the Jews and Christians be the SAME God as the God of the Muslims who hate openly the Jews and “in secret”  disrespect or look down on the Christians?  

I know for a fact that Jehovah and Allah are not the same.  It’s about time somebody says so.  It’s been a long running secret kept from the Muslims.  You see, many converts could not handle it to know that they have abandoned God because of unforgiveness for what Christians…also known as humans who are not blemish free; have done in the past!   Shame on them…but would it be enough for me to leave God?   NO WAY!!!!

  While we’re many of us “work at:  practicing love ;  many of them…study us, engage in an activity called  “phising” (not certain of the  spelling) ; a way to recruit us by pointing out *their version of Christian flaws.  and  hope to overthrow Christianity.   That ain’t never gonna happen! 

Hey nobody’s perfect …that’s why we need God. 

Now let me compliment the Muslims;  I like the discipline, I like the healthy lifestyles that I have observed, I like the commitment to prayer.  Is it enough to convert me?  NO WAY!  My “other list” is far too long. 

Somebody is being deceived and so my prayer is for full revelation to be made known.

It is such a STRONG LIE by the enemy; that people get furious when anyone says it.  Most radical Christians know that our God Jehovah is not Allah.  It’s amazing to me that Muslims have been fed this lie.  Now, I will not talk about Allah…but I will say that Jehovah wrote the bible.  He inspired holy men of God to write it.  The Muslims often try to discount the bible by saying “King James” wrote it …which is hilarious because any  fifth grader can tell you that King James did something remarkable.  He hired the most well known scholars of his time to research the bible in Greek and Hebrew to put in the most accurate translations since there were more than one translation of the bible at that time and men had not translated it correctly because they would not translate all of it from Hebrew and Greek because of the extensive work involved.

A Muslim woman recently told me that Jesus, Father God and the Holy Spirit cannot all be God.  She obviously had been taught this and obviously had never read the bible herself.

She told me:  “How can you get 3 into 1?”  I laughed because 3 can go into 1…in math and of course…in the bible which is real life for me.

I challenge any Muslim to research the bible for yourself. 

When Jesus got up on the cross; he shed his blood for the remission of our sins.   That blood has so much power even today.  Jesus lives and the Blood lives;  it heals those who believe  in it,  delivers,  it protects , it brings peace and as the Blood delivers…our faith increases.

Born again Christians realize that there is a demonic realm and that faith in the Blood of Jesus protects us from it.   Spirit filled believers speak in the heavenly languages also known as tongues.  Theses languages are not gibberish an for some the languages change to bring forth unbelievers. 

When we respect and honor the Blood…God honors us.  I heard that from Dr. Creflo Dollar…I totally agree.

We are spirit filled believers filled with the spirit of God.  The bible says God is a Spirit.  It says that we must worship God in spirit and in truth. 


If Muslims were able to do this; it would be the same God. 

The bible has been written in a mystery; and no Muslim unless converted in their hearts will ever understand it because God will not reveal it to them,  Once He does…they will no longer be a Muslim.

To become born again…one must accept Jesus as Lord and Master of their life…it can’t be done if you believe the lie that he was merely a prophet.


It’s not important for  this writer to single out other faiths; because they are less in conflict with Christianity; and I also believe that salvation for Muslims is critical; I along with many others will not tolerate it in the spirit…and so I pray .

P.S. If you are a Muslim reading this…and you got this far…search for the truth…I did!   I found it!