More Of Your Glory by Danny Chambers (You Tube Music Video) Sunday, January 4, 2009


And the glory (majesty and splendor) of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it. Isaiah 40: 5


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  1. Thank you so much for this website. It has been at least 25 years since I saw Danny Chambers. Wow!! I was just looking for a song by Jake Hamilton that he sang at Redding, CA at Bethel Jesus Culture called You were made for Glory and I saw this website. I am currently living at the Top of the World, so anything like this helps feed my soul while I work here to free souls. God Bless You All

    • HI Anna! Thanks. God. You know…smile

      Well, we’ll keep looking for Dany’s materials…we just stumbled across it ourselves. Tell us more about: “Top of the World…

      Love to hear it…Blessings and Love

  2. The Top of the World:Barrow, Alaska. The Lord nudged me to come up here from Oregon. I always thought I would go back to Africa. But no, the Lord dropped hints into my Spirit. I listened and now I am teaching here. I would never have dreamed it in a thousand years! Although it must have been a dream, instilled in me from the beginning. In these last days, the Glory of the Lord is shining all over the world. I am fortunate to have a wonderful christian body to support the move of the Spirit, and accept the mighty move of God that is bringing in the harvest in these last days!! The greatest miracle of all is the new birth, my heart cries out for the souls I pass, that I don’t take the time or have the opportunity to reach. I am amazed at our Papa, He brings the souls to us, but we have to take the opportunity to lead them on to Him. It may not be with a commitment to the Lord at that moment, but we are an essential part of showing the Love of Christ to all men, showing to everyone, this includes: the unlovely, the poor, the homeless, the handicapped, the drug addict, the alcoholic, the sex offender, the murderer, the neighbor next door, the checker at the grocery, the taxi-cab driver, the elderly, the mentally insane, the rebellious teenager, and the spouse who hurts, etc. I read your article on the blood, it goes right along with our pastor’s teachings. Isn’t God good, timely, nurturing, instructing and loving His people? God bless you and your work for Papa. BTW I read The Shack, can you tell..Papa?

    • Oh Anna…that’s Blessed…please we invite you to keep coming back to share with us. This is The Year of The Glory of God Shining Through…yeah!

      Blessings & Love

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