Thank God For The Blood! By Nancy Grandquist (Music Video) Tuesday, July 8, 2008





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  1. I am looking for some of the Old nancy grandquist songs we used to learn at camp – I mean in the early 80’s, Songs like do you know who you are, and Children of the upper room.
    Please let me kn ow how to find them if they are available anywere.

    • Hi Ana! You can do a Google search and youtube and Godtube may both prove helpful. Let us know if you find it. We care. Blessings & Love

  2. I am a little saddened because I have an old (believe it or not) cassette tape that is wearing thin that I added some Nancy Grandquist favorites, a song don’t remember the exact title, but words went something like this: “Nobody knows, just how much I love Him & nobody knows just how much Jesus means to me, when I’m down, He helps me to smile & though He sees all of my faults, still He loves & it just thrills me to know that I’m His child…..”. Another one is “Child, I still love you & Child I really care….when you walk through the valleys & hard trials, Child I still love you; I really care…..” Then there is one where it starts out with a baby crying in the background.
    I have gone to this site because I CANNOT locate any of these songs on CDs or anywhere. No one ever responded to me when I sent this last time. I love these songs & would like to find them. Any help please & thanks, Linda Jardee

  3. Greetings!

    For those who are Nancy Grandquist fans. Go to, type in seach engine Nancy Grandquist and three songs will come up from her album “Somebody Special” I wish there were all the others. My favorite of these three are “Nobody Knows”.. If you want to save them in your playlist. You will need to register, but its FREE!

    God Bless,

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