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Do You Really Understand Pleading The Blood of Jesus? by Elaine Davenport (Monday, December 31, 2007)



I often wonder if people truly understand pleading the Blood of Jesus. The Blood of Jesus is a covering and it’s protection…complete protection…but it’s not some kind of “magic.”

Jesus himself assures our coverage…you need to understand that before you plead the Blood of Jesus.

Tell Satan: The Blood of Jesus is against you and mean it.

I heard this story:

Some people went in to rob a bank and put everyone on the floor.

After shooting one customer in the back of the head, they moved to the next person.

That person had just received a teaching in church about the Blood of Jesus from their pastor. When the robber put the gun to their head, they said: The Blood of Jesus is against you.

The robber said something like: I can’t shoot them…and then moved to the next person and shot them in the back of the head. I am sorry to be so graphic but the Blood can save your life if you’ll just take hold of this. Some people may reject this message, but my job was to deliver it.