Blood may be spooky to some; but the Blood of Jesus is not! by Elaine Davenport


My mother tried to become a nurse back when she was really young. The first thing they did was take the group of would be nurses to see someone who was dead. Those who didn’t faint were allowed to stay. We’ve been duped through television to believe that the presence of too much blood anywhere is not only spooky but that it is a sign of imminent danger or death. People have a tendency to get scared when they see someone covered with blood. It’s a good thing doctors. EMT’s, EMS technicians and nurses aren’t that way.

As a result, people may think it somewhat strange that a believer would claim the “Blood of Jesus” for protection.

However, the Blood of Jesus is not spooky and it is solid protection. Satan knows it, but that’s another story that we’ll talk about next.


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